Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Can't Wait!

I am so excited because I heard the Mr. and the Mrs. talking recently, and they are heading for Arizona with Flat Stanley on board.  Ever since Milkweed Bug told me about his trip to Indiana with the Mr. and the Mrs., I have been hanging around waiting for an opportunity to tag along on a trip.  I'm sorry, but I heard from Milkweed Bug that I can't show you who I am until the Mrs. accidentally gets a picture of me.  Milkweed Bug assures me that it's impossible not to get in a picture because she loves to take lots and lots of pictures.  I already saw her getting the camera ready to take, so soon enough you will know me.  I haven't heard why they are going to Arizona, but I know they leave tomorrow evening.  I can't wait! 

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